A revolution in fried food
Further evolve the cooking environment for fried foods. A revolutionary device created by science and technology.


1. Clean & Eco
- Frying at low temperature reduces fuel consumption and oil scattering.
- Suppresses oil oxidation.

2. Realize healthy
Reduces oil absorption of fried foods and reduces fat by up to 40%.
Suppresses carcinogenic substances (acrylamide)

3. Shortening cooking time
Reduces frying time by 10% to 15%.
Uniform temperature of the center and surface of the fried food.

DENBA FRYER of uniqueness
What is the uniqueness of DENBA FRYER?

DENBA flyer that changes the common sense of fried food with the latest science and technology at the atomic level.

It gives electronic fine movement to the whole oil, makes the temperature of the center of the food and the surface uniform, shortens cooking time, reduces oil absorption, and makes it delicious and crispy. We realize "clean & eco" and "healthy & delicious" that are both food and oil friendly.

Electrons are emitted to the entire oil tank, causing electronic micro-vibration and increasing the thermal conductivity.
- Cooking at low temperature is possible and fuel cost can be reduced.
- Oxidation of oil can be suppressed and oil absorption of food can be reduced.
- The frying time can be shortened.

What is the principle of oil oxidation inhibition?
DENBA FRYER is a completely new system that has succeeded in evaporating only water without combining water and oil by supplying electronic fine movement to the entire oil tank.

Why choose use?

DENBA+ 3 Step System

DENBA Refrigeration
Activated cells maintains freshness

Preserving food under 0 degrees without freezing it, maintaining food freshness.

DENBA Freezing
High quality freezing that doesn't damage cells

Achieve high-quality freezing between -18°C to -25°C.

DENBA Defrost
Unique wavelengths to reduce fluid loss

Reduce up to a maximum of 95% in blood loss. Decrease food loss rate and increase customer satisfaction.

Auxiliary equipment for cooking for fried food

Reducing frying time, improving thermal conductivity, and reduce oil consumption.

DENBA Container
Special freshness preservation containers

By installing DENBA in the container, the whole space maintains freshness.

DENBA Health
Utilization in medical and health fields

Wide range of utilizations in the health market by downsizing equipment and expanding its applications in the medical field.