High quality freezing between -18 and -25 degrees made possible.

◆Enables food ripening without freezing it, levitates the taste of foods!
◆Suppress bacteria growth. Growth rates reduced to 1/30.
◆Activates cells within food, maintain its freshness!
When compared to -60 degree rapid freezer.

High quality freezing can now be achieved with regular freezer (-18 to -25 degrees), rapid freezing device that goes down to -50 and -60 degrees are not required.

The unique technology of DENBA+ is able to create static waves within refrigerators.

Due to the micro vibrations of electrons, water molecules remain unfrozen even under 0 to -4 degrees, creating a chilled environment for preservation.Foods that are affected by static wave have reduced oxidization and lower bacteria growth rate rates, which contributes to food preservation.Through DENBA+, foods are allowed to ripe while maintaining its freshness.

DENBA+ temperature comparison when freezing

Remain unfrozen even under -4 degrees.DENBA technology maintains freshness of food without damaging its cell.

Set Temperature: -35 degrees
Food: Beef
Storage Size: Length 8 x Width 5 x Height 3.5 (m)
Red line: DENBA+ freezing reduces 20% of freezing time
Blue line: Normal freezing

High freshness freezing Increase added value of foods, expand markets

DENBA+ can be implemented onto ocean freights and ground transportation (Refrigeration, freezing trucks)
Sending fresh food around the world.

Why choose use?

DENBA+ 3 Step System

DENBA Refrigeration
Activated cells maintains freshness

Preserving food under 0 degrees without freezing it, maintaining food freshness.

DENBA Freezing
High quality freezing that doesn't damage cells

Achieve high-quality freezing between -18°C to -25°C.

DENBA Defrost
Unique wavelengths to reduce fluid loss

Reduce up to a maximum of 95% in blood loss. Decrease food loss rate and increase customer satisfaction.

Auxiliary equipment for cooking for fried food

Reducing frying time, improving thermal conductivity, and reduce oil consumption.

DENBA Container
Special freshness preservation containers

By installing DENBA in the container, the whole space maintains freshness.

DENBA Health
Utilization in medical and health fields

Wide range of utilizations in the health market by downsizing equipment and expanding its applications in the medical field.