Freezing Effect・Features

Drip drastically reduced, quality value and hygiene management improved
It is possible with a normal refrigerator equipped with DENBA+. The surface and core are thawed at the same time, minimizing cell membrane destruction. In addition to shortening the time, it can be used as it is as a refrigerator to improve work efficiency.

Deliver thawing keeping high freshness while giving electron energy and electron micro vibration in the air.
It is possible to maintain freshness, color, and umami. Also, by preventing the growth of bacteria in the food after thawing. Significantly reduce the loss (disposal) of foodstuffs, resulting in a significant reduction in purchasing costs and improved profits.

By thawing at low temperature of 0 to -2°C, the drip (umami) is prevented from flowing out.
"DENBA+" creates an electrostatic wave environment in the refrigerator with our unique technology.
Thawing is possible even in the subzero temperature range of 0°C to -2°C by applying electronic microvibration to the air. Since it is thawed while applying electronic micro-vibration when it is thawed, there is little strain of the food and there is no drip.

Ideal for arranging after thawing and storing cleanly after preparation (freshness and color gloss).
Even if you cut the sashimi or slice the meat in advance, the freshness and color of the freshness will continue until you give it to the customer. There is no discoloration of food materials, and it has the property that sticking, drying, and shape retention do not occur easily.

Suppress bacterial growth, keeping food fresh ( Freshness, Color and Taste ) for a long period of time

Greatly reduce food losses

Greatly reduces cost ( Increased Revenue ) made possiblea

Why choose use?

DENBA+ 3 Step System

DENBA Refrigeration
Activated cells maintains freshness

Preserving food under 0 degrees without freezing it, maintaining food freshness.

DENBA Freezing
High quality freezing that doesn't damage cells

Achieve high-quality freezing between -18°C to -25°C.

DENBA Defrost
Unique wavelengths to reduce fluid loss

Reduce up to a maximum of 95% in blood loss. Decrease food loss rate and increase customer satisfaction.

Auxiliary equipment for cooking for fried food

Reducing frying time, improving thermal conductivity, and reduce oil consumption.

DENBA Container
Special freshness preservation containers

By installing DENBA in the container, the whole space maintains freshness.

DENBA Health
Utilization in medical and health fields

Wide range of utilizations in the health market by downsizing equipment and expanding its applications in the medical field.