Freshness Data

Preservation of Meat (2 Weeks)

Here is a freshness test by beef. Beef under normal preservation have lost its original red, became dark and emitting a putrid odor. Beef that was preserved in the DENBA+ system retains its original color and freshness.

Preservation of Seafood (2 Weeks)

Tuna, known for its harder preservation criteria, will be conducting the same test. Tuna under normal preservation have gone bad, juice have leaked from the meat as color changed. For tuna in DENBA+, the meat still have its color, and no juice are lost.

Preservation of Vegetable (2 Weeks)

The lettuce is cut in half for better observation. Lettuce that kept in normal condition have discolored by oxidation, loses its moisture and shriveled. Lettuce kept from DENBA+ looks fresh and new!

Preservation of Fruit (2 Weeks)

Grape is used for this experiment. Under normal preservation, the grape have rot and fell from branch, their moisture vaporized as well. The grape under DENBA+'s influence, retain its freshness and juice within.

Why choose use?

DENBA+ 3 Step System

DENBA Refrigeration
Activated cells maintains freshness

Preserving food under 0 degrees without freezing it, maintaining food freshness.

DENBA Freezing
High quality freezing that doesn't damage cells

Achieve high-quality freezing between -18°C to -25°C.

DENBA Defrost
Unique wavelengths to reduce fluid loss

Reduce up to a maximum of 95% in blood loss. Decrease food loss rate and increase customer satisfaction.

Auxiliary equipment for cooking for fried food

Reducing frying time, improving thermal conductivity, and reduce oil consumption.

DENBA Container
Special freshness preservation containers

By installing DENBA in the container, the whole space maintains freshness.

DENBA Health
Utilization in medical and health fields

Wide range of utilizations in the health market by downsizing equipment and expanding its applications in the medical field.